What's next?

At the moment George is working on 3 separate projects.

Project 1 is a comic look at caravan life in Spain based on the tales told to George and his wife Mary by friends and neighbours as they have travelled around Europe. As he used to live on a campsite in Spain, George has styled his fictitious site on it and many of the characters in this book will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has been there There is also the possibility that the book could turn into a murder-mystery!

George's second project is to turn his 284 day Blog from his trip around Europe with Mary in the "Magic Caravan" into a travel book. With 18000 views already George feels the daily posts may be entertaining to a wider audience. The introductory chapter has been written and George is busy tweaking the original "live" blog posts for public consumption. At the moment there is no date set for publication but the first 20,000 words have already been sent to the editor, his elder brother Joe.

Project 3 is the third memoir of George's life and deals with the 5 years from 1971-1976 after he left Secondary school and went to St. Andrews University. The period from October 1973 to June 1974 describes George's adventures as an Assistant teacher of English in a school in Versailles, France. This book has now been written and is in the hands of the editor. The planned launch will be at Waterstones of Dundee in late September 2019.

The Blog is available at www.georgeandmaryadventure.wordpress.com.