Welcome to the website of Dundee author George Burton

Publisher: Kelsoprint

You have found the homepage of George Burton Books giving information about Dundee author George Burton as well as allowing you to purchase hard copies of his five books, "Socrates the Sprinting Snail of Sorrento", an illustrated children's story for adults too, the follow-up "Bonjour Socrates!", "Wee Georgie", a childhood memoir of growing up in Dundee in the 50s and 60s, "Georgie", his memoir of his teenage years in Dundee in the late 60s and early 70s and the third in the series "George The University Years". This latest memoir covers the years 1971-76 and includes George's four years at the University of St. Andrews and his Assistantship year in Versailles, teaching English. George's first book of adult fiction "Balgay Park" is an anthology of 10 dark tales, all of which take place in the Balgay area of Dundee where George lives.

You will find a separate page about each of the six books, a page about George himself and a page describing his present and future writing projects. Enjoy your visit.


George's new work of adult fiction "Balgay Park" launched on Saturday 02/12/23. It is available here to order in UK as a paperback, or there is an e-book version available also to order on Amazon Kindle.